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 Ambaji Marble

Nature has always been the biggest inspiration for all of us in many ways as it has offered many things to mankind –Right from Waterfalls, greenery to natural stones. Taking this inspiration from Nature we at S K Marble feel a sense of pride in presenting before you this wonderful creation of nature as milky white as the Himalayas called Ambaji White Marble –The Natural Indian Marble.

Marble since ages is known popularly as a luxurious stone not only for its beauty but also for its elegance. This versatile feature of marble makes it conducive to be used at homes as well as in offices.

Ambaji White Marble - The Best Features

Ambaji White Marble can be used on any surface areas of bathroom right from shower walls to flooring and even tub decks. Not only this, you can even use our imported Ambaji Marble to decorate the walls of your house, as a wall furnishing, kitchen platform, fireplace facings or just to have a pious surrounding in your Puja room.

Marble, as we all know is a metamorphic rock. In the initial stages, it was limestone but with the passage of time, due to the combination of pressure and extreme heat, the limestone got re-crystallized. During this process, the limestone attracts a lot of foreign substances thus bringing a hue of textures, colours and veining in it. Marbles resembles humans in many ways, as just like humans no two marbles are alike.

Coming from the House of Indian Marbles, S K Marble are renowned for their exquisite quality as well as exceptional performance. This is the reason for S K Marble to be recognized as the prestigious flawless white marble not only in India but even abroad. We are thus one of the best suppliers of Indian Ambaji White Marble in India and abroad.

Ambaji White Marble Specifications

The material is available in cut-to-size tiles and big slabs.
Cut-to-size tiles are available from 12inches  x 12 inches  to 24 inches  x 12 inches and the sizes in between for example 15 inches x 12inches , 24 inches x 12 inches , 18 inches x 15 inches etc 

The slabs are available in small to big sizes. from  30 inches height to 48 inches in length to 62 inches  height in height to 84 inches in length. 

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